City Manager Amsterdam

City Manager Amsterdam

Jacqueline Verheul

Good To Know

1. Canals - Architecture - The Bike Culture. Amsterdam has everything you need to make your short trip an unforgettable experience. You can discover the extensive canal systems by boat, or walk along the canals. In the meanwhile you can enjoy the beautiful, typical Amsterdam Canal Houses. Did you know there are more bikes in Amsterdam than inhabitants? You see bikes everywhere. Besides all this the city itself is so tolerant, that the only thing you have to worry about is being yourself and having a great time!

2. Amsterdam is a city where you never get bored, with lots of beautiful museums. I would really recommend the museums that show the works or lives of dutch heroes, to get an impression about the Netherlands and its rich history. The Anne Frank House, the Van Gogh Museum and the Rembrandt House are really worth a visit. Tip: Buy your tickets online to avoid long lines. If you want to get away for the City live for a moment, you can head to a park like the Vondelpark. Here you can relax in the nature. The possibilities of Amsterdam are endless.

3. In summer you can find loads of lovely terraces. Order a cold Dutch beer and some bitterballen, and experience Amsterdam just like a local. Also the city just started with pilot Food Trucks on 24 locations. Instead of hotdogs and french fries, you can eat delicious, healthy and local food on the street. The Food Trucks rotate every day. A lovely concept!

Fastest and cheapest option: The train is the fastest and most convenient form of transport to the city center of Amsterdam. Schiphol station is situated directly below the airport. Via Schiphol Plaza, you can walk straight to the departure or arrival hall. Trains run every 10 minutes and the journey takes about 15 to 20 minutes. Train tickets can be bought at NS ticket machines (with a blue sign and white NS logo on top) and the Tickets & Service counter at Schiphol Plaza (past customs). A ticket to Central Station will cost €4.10 (full rate, second class) for a single journey. It is also possible to travel further to another location in Amsterdam by tram, metro or bus.

Police: 112
Ambulance: 112
Taxi: +31 20 777 77 77 (TCA taxi)

The city is easily walkable and mostly easy to get around while using the tram or metro but you may also rent a bike anytime. In Amsterdam and beyond, the public transport chip card (OV-chipkaart) is used for travel on trains, trams, buses and metros. The most convenient options for visitors are one-hour cards, (multi) day cards, or an anonymous card which you can add more credit to at any time. I do not recommend to buy single tickets, because those are quite expensive. Before seeing the sights, you may wish to consult the 9292 route planner ( to help you find the quickest and most convenient way to get from A to B.

- Specialties of the town to eat: Kroket, Bitterballen, Stamppot, Boerenkool, Dutch Cheeses and Stroopwafels
- Specialties of the city to drink: Dutch Beers (for example: Heineken, Hertog Jan, Amstel and many others) and Jenever (also known as Dutch Gin, Genever, Genièvre and Peket)
- Typical meal times: Between 19 h. and 21 h.
- Tipping: 5 to 10 percent
- Is the tap water safe to drink from the tap? Yes

- A cup of coffee in the restaurant: €2,50
- A lunch menu in the restaurant: €15 to €20
- A ride in a taxi (cost / km): Always go on the meter! For a TCA taxi 1 to 4 persons the costs are: Basic price: € 2,95, Price per km: € 2,17, Price per minute: € 0,36

Where to go out:
There are many bars and clubs at Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein. Especially Leidse square is very popular among locals. If you are looking for gay bars and clubs, I recommend you to go to Reguliersdwarsstraat and Warmoesstraat.
Moreover, in Pijp Area you can also find many local bars that are loved by locals.

Opening times:
23 h. till 3 – 5 in the morning. You can always go to cafes and bars before going to a nightclub, they are opened the whole evening. Most of the locals will not go to a nightclub before 23.30h.

Shopping Areas:
- Kalverstraat: This street is the famous shopping street where most of the international, more affordable, chains are located. Moreover you can also find some locall shops here, such as Hema.
- PC Hooftstraat: This streat has developed to become one of the most expensive shopping streets in the Netherlands. Several Dutch and international exclusive brands have stores here.
- Nine Streets: The 'Negen straatjes' are nine idyllic shopping streets right in the Amsterdam canal belt. Little businesses, hidden cafes, hotspot restaurants, galleries and other authentic stores can all be found there. In this area there are also the shops Joz and Episode, which are recognized as a highlight of MyCityHighlight.

Opening times:
Monday: 13h. to18h.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday: 10h. to 18h.
Thursday: 10h. to 21h. (late night shopping)
Some shops are open at Sunday, especially at the Kalverstraat and the Nine Streets. From 12h. to 17h.

Albert Heijn, Marqt, Lidl, Aldi, Vomar, Dirk, Dekamarkt

- no alcohol on the road
- fines for littering
- fines for denying a red trafic light
- fines for peeing outside (also for peeing in the forest you’ll get a fine)
- fines for traveling with public transport without a ticket

Hello: Hallo/Goedendag
Thank you: Dank je wel
Please: Alsjeblieft
Goodbye: Goedendag / Tot ziens
Chears : Proost

Buses in Amsterdam have free WiFi. With the help of the filter "With free wireless" you find more places all over the city that offer free wireless.

My souvenir recommendations



Delft Blue is the world-famous pottery that has been produced in the city of Delft since the 17th century. It arose at the end of the 16th century as a cheap alternative to the blue and white Chinese porcelain. Between 1600 and 1800, this earthenware was popular among rich families who would show off their Delft Blue collections to one another. Today there is only one factory in Delft that produces 'real' Delftware.

Muntplein 12, 1012 WR Amsterdam

Leidsestraat 57, 1017 NV Amsterdam

Stationsplein 41 N, 1012 AB Amsterdam

Damrak 65, 1012 LM Amsterdam

Prinsengracht 440, 1017 KE Amsterdam

Dutch Cheese

Dutch Cheese

Don't forget to take some typical Dutch cheese! The Dutch produce a variety of tempting cheeses, but the most typical and best known are the hard or semi-hard cheeses. The Dutch cheeses are categorised by how long it has been aged. It starts out its life as mild and creamy, but develops a drier texture and more intense flavour the longer it’s aged. One of the famous cheeses are Gouda, Beemster and Reypenaer.

Cheese House Tromp Cheese House Tromp , Elandsgracht 27, 1016 Amsterdam, Nederland

Albert Cuypmarkt Albert Cuypmarkt , Albert Cuypstraat 203HS, 1073 BE Amsterdam, Nederland



The Stroopwafel is a waffle made from two thin layers of baked dough with a caramel-like syrup filling in the middle. They are very popular in the Netherlands and were first made in the Dutch city of Gouda. I love them!

Albert Cuypmarkt Albert Cuypmarkt , Albert Cuypstraat 203HS, 1073 BE Amsterdam, Nederland

Albert Heijn To Go Stationsplein Albert Heijn To Go Stationsplein , Stationsplein 45F, 1012 AB Amsterdam, Nederland

Albert Heijn Koningsplein Albert Heijn Koningsplein , Koningsplein 4, 1017 BB Amsterdam, Nederland

Albert Heijn Nieuwmarkt Albert Heijn Nieuwmarkt , Nieuwmarkt 18, 1012 CR Amsterdam, Nederland

City Managers favorite places


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Squares, Parks and Playgrounds

The Vondelpark is the largest city park in Amsterdam. Opened in 1865, the park was first named Originally the park was named the "Nieuwe Park", but later is was renamed to "Vondelpark", after the 17th...

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Café De Ebeling

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Albert Cuypmarkt

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Top 10 for first-time visitors



Squares, Parks and Playgrounds

Leidseplein is a square in the center of Amsterdam and known for its nightlife, cafés and theaters. In the summer you find large terraces were you can enjoy drinks and in the winter you find an icerin...

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