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White Labeling solutions - Present your city/region - Data import

We offer so-called "white labeling solutions". You have the option of copying existing platforms (Print, App, Web) and apps and to provide them with your own content and design. Or would you like to become a licensee and present your own city or region on our platformes. Finally we offer the possibility to integrate our datas in your webpages (e. g. with so-called “plug-ins”). Please contact us for details. You will benefit from the following advantages:

You pay a much smaller expense for the production of the platforms (App, Web or Printed solutions) and the content as well. Moreover you benefit from smaller expense on maintenance and testing of the platforms (App, Web).

If you present your city/region using the solutions of MyCityHighlight (whether as part of a White Labeling Solution or a license agreement), you benefit of free advertising for your city / region, by presenting your city / region to all MyCityHighlight users.

Benefit from the ongoing development of the platforms (App, web, print).

You benefit from a large and specific know-how in the field of tourism, as MyCityHighlight is active in this field with their own platforms.

Contact us for a detailed offer: info (at)

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