Bar La Plata

Bar La Plata

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La Plata is one of the most authentic 'tapas' bars in Barcelona. Located in the middle of the gothic quarter it still offers the same four traditional dishes that were served when it was opened in 1945 (bread with anchovies, ‘butifarra’, tomato and onion salad, anchovies with olives, and fried sardines).

In bar La Plata they combine tradition and quality in order to offer the best flavor in every tapa. Their selection of wines is not an exception, as well as the best 'Vermut' of the city, a Catalan drink elaborated by themselves that you will be able to drink with a traditional 'porró '.

Opening hours

Monday to Saturday: From 9 am to 3.15 pm and from 6.15 pm to 11 pm.

You may know…

In Barcelona is typical to go for a drink and eat a little tapa before lunch (2pm) in order to enjoy the sun and kill one’s hunger. One common drink that people takes is the ‘Vermut’ reason why you will listen locals saying ‘fer un Vermut (to do a ‘Vermut’) when referring to the whole concept of eating a tapa and taking a drink before lunch whatever drink they take.

In bar La Plata you will be able to try the most typical tapas eaten when ‘doing a Vermut’.

Specially suitable for
Families with young kids (0-10), Families with teenage kids

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