City Manager Barcelona

City Manager Barcelona

Good To Know

1. Bar (Bar) - Cel (Sky) - Ona (Wave). Barcelona has everything you may need to enjoy an amazing short trip to one of the most outstanding cities in the world. It's surrounded by the sea and mountains and always accompanied by the good weather, even in winter. Although the weather invites you to wear sandals remember take your socks out when you do it unless you want to get all the locals’ attention :-).

2. Barcelona is a bilingual city so you will listen locals talking Catalan and Spanish without distinction but if you feel like learning some Catalan words such as ‘Bon dia’ (Good Morning), "Bona nit" (Good Night), ‘Hola’ (Hi) and ‘Adéu’ (Goodbye) be sure you’ll get to the heart of the locals.

3. Some traditions that you may know are typical from Spain won't be found in Barcelona. Bullfighting is banned and Flamenco is not the typical dance from the folklore. ‘Sardanes’ is the traditional Catalan dance and ‘Castellers’ (human towers) are some of the local activities that can be seen almost every weekend in the city. A good Sangria can't be found everywhere and is now becoming an infamous drink more related with the massive tourism. A ‘Vemouth’ with olives or a glass of Cava (sparkling white wine) are some of the typical drinks you can enjoy at any time for little money.

- Taxi: There are always taxis available when getting out of Terminal 1 and 2. (Time: 30 min. /Price: 35€-38€).

- Aerobus: The bus leaves you at the City center Plaça Catalunya and other important areas. (Price: 5.90€ one way. / Time: 35min. /Running hours: From T1 and T2 every day and every 5/10 min from 5.35 to 1.05pm. Check here for the way back:

- Metro L9 Sud: From Terminal 1 and 2. Connected with L5 to arrive to the City Center. (Time: 40 min. / Price: 4.50€. / Running hours: Every 7min. Sunday to Thursday: 5am – 12pm, Friday: 5am – 2am, Saturday: All night long).

Police: 088 or 091
Ambulance: 061
Taxi: +34 933 22 22 22 (Barna Taxi)

Barcelona is a city which easily walkable. For longer distances or just for saving time metro is the best option and the cheapest by buying the T- 10 ticket. This card can be also used in all public transports and includes 10 trips which can be shared with more people with no limit on days. 1 trip allows you to change metro line or take a different public transport during 1 hour. You can get it paying by card or cash in any metro station.
Metro running hours:
- Sunday to Thursday: 5am – 12pm
- Friday: 5am – 2am
- Saturday: All night long

For trips to the outskirts of the city the train is the most comfortable option. From Sants station you will find trains to all directions. You can buy or check the prices and schedules through the following links:

- Short distance trains:
- Long distance trains:

Specialties of the town to eat:
- Tapas: ‘Patates braves’, ‘Berberetxos’, ‘Olives’, ‘Calamars a la Romana’, ‘Truita de patates’, ‘Txistorra’, ‘ Pa amb tomàquet’.
- Main course: ‘Arròs a la cassola’, ‘Escalivada’, ‘Escudella’, ‘Esqueixada’, ‘Bacallà amb samfaina’, ‘Fideuà’.
- Sweets and Desserts: ‘Crema catalana’, ‘Coca de vidre’, ‘Xuxo de crema’, ‘Xocolata desfeta’.
- Specialties of the city to drink: ‘Vermut’ (Morro Fi, Cinzano), ‘Cervesa’ (Estrella Damm, Estrella Galicia, Moritz), ‘Orxata’ (mostly in summer).

Coffee Dictionary:
- Cat. Cafè americà / Sp. Café Americano - (Hot water and Espresso)
- Cat. Cafè amb llet/ Sp. Café con leche – (Espresso and milk in equal parts)
- Cat. Cafè Sol / Sp. Café Solo (Shot of Espresso)
- Cat. Tallat / Sp. Cortado (Espresso with a bit of milk)
- Cat. Cigaló / Sp. Carajillo (Coffe and alcohol)

Useful Information:
- Locals lunch time: 1pm – 3pm
- Locals dinner time: 9pm – 11pm
- Many Restaurants and bars are closed on Mondays.
- Tipping: 5% (Not mandatory and only when you are satisfied with the service provided).
- Is the tap water safe to drink from the tap? Not unsafe at all, but better to drink from bottled water. There are high levels of lime in unfiltered water.

- A cup of coffee in the restaurant: 1.30€
- A lunch menu in the restaurant: 10-15€
- A ride in a taxi (cost / km): Basic price: 2,10€, Price per km: 1,30€, Price per waiting hour: 21,23€


- ‘Marina’: Old industrial area with plenty of Huge Bars and Night clubs for rock music lovers near Marina metro station contrast with a more familiar and hipster area of bars scattered over the Poble Nou neighborhood.

- Barri Gòtic and Born: here you will find trendy bars hidden in the labyrinthine streets of the most antique area of the city. Good choice also for the ones who don’t like drinking with the stomach empty.

- Raval: a multicultural area for the most alternative ones. If you start partying in Raval you never know how the night is going to be finished.

- Gràcia: The small streets and squares of the most bohemian quarter are crowded of young people especially at night. Perfect for international food, music and small-format party lovers.

- Gaixample: this part of Eixample offers the biggest concentration of Bars and nightclubs oriented to the lesbian and gay community. (Balmes, Gran Via de les Balmes, Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, Urgell and Aragó streets).

- Sant Gervasi-Santaló: Located Uptown this area is plenty of nightclubs and bars for the ones who prefers a more chic and glamorous atmosphere.

Main nightclubs recommended:
- Sala Apolo, Razzmatazz, Barts Club, Jamboree, Sala Bikini, Sidecar Factory Club, RockSound, Marula Café.

Main life music bars recommended:
- Milano Cocktail Bar, Harlem Jazz Club, Escola de Blues de Barcelona, Bodega Saltó, Bar Pastís, La Sonora de Gracia, Big Bang Bar, Heliogàbal.

Opening hours:
- Night Bars: 7pm - 3am (Mostly from Wednesday to Saturday).
- Night Clubs: 12pm to 5am (Mostly from Thursday to Saturday).

Main Shopping Areas: Passeig de Gràcia Avenue, Portal del Angel Avenue, Pelayo Street and Ramblas.
Main Shopping Molls: Corte Inglés, Maremagnum, Las Arenas, Diagonal Mar, Glorias.
Alternative Shopping: Born, Gràcia and Poble Nou are the areas where you will find more unique products made by local designers.

Opening hours:
- Local shops: 10am – 1.30pm and 5pm – 8.30pm from Monday to Saturday.
- City Center Shopping Area/ Shopping Molls: 10am – 9pm/10pm from Monday to Saturday.

Where to get food on Sundays
- Carrefour Market Ramblas (Rambla dels Estudis, 113 and Carrer Sants 303)
- Supermercat Botiga de Convivencia (Carrer Passeig Borbó 1)
- Charter Supermarkets
- Condis Express Supermarkets

Good to know..
- Maremàgnum is the only Shopping Moll in the city opening 365 days (Location: Barceloneta).

Mercadona, Condis, Sorli Discau, Bonpreu, Consum, Dia

- It is not allowed to drink in the street unless you are in a bar/restaurant terrace.
You will see, especially at night, people offering beer cans for 1€ on the street, note that they are not safe to drink because they are previously hidden inside the trash or sewers. In any case, drink them at your own risk.

- When using the electric stairs in the metro stand on the right side to allow people walk up and down through the left side. The same when you are in a narrow street.

- There are local people still living in the most touristic areas so be careful to respect the hours of rest (10pm to 10am).

- While checking in in a hotel/hostel you will be always asked to show ID card or passport and a Credit Card. You are not able to pay with someone else credit card without filling previously a formal authorization document.

- Barcelona is not a dangerous city but you need to know there are many professional pickpockets. Just keep in mind this Tips and everything will be alright:

o Keep your belongings always safe. Don’t keep your wallet in your trousers/backpack pockets.
o Never leave a bag alone even in the lobby of a hotel (hotel is not responsible in this case)
o Be careful when you are asked for directions since is a way to distract you.

- Barcelona is full of international and welcoming people so do not hesitate to ask in the street whenever you need some help but do not always take for granted that people will be able to speak in English.

Hola – Hellow
¿Qué tal?/ Com estàs? – How are you?
Buenos días/Bon dia – Good morning
Buenas tardes/ Bona tarda – Good Afternoon

Gracias/Gràcies – Thank you
De nada/ De Res- You are welcome
¿Habla inglés?/Parles anglès? Do you speak English?
No entiendo /No entenc - I don’t understand
Perdone/Perdoni – I’m sorry/Excuse me

¿Cómo puedo llegar a…?/Com puc arribar a…? – How can I get to…?
¿Nos trae la cuenta, por favor?/ Em porta el compte, si us plau?- Can I get the bill please?
¿Cuánto cuesta? / Quant és? - ¿How much does it cost?
¿Podría traerme la carta, por favor?/ Podria portar-me la carta, si us plau? – Could you bring me the Menu, please?
¿Dónde está el servicio? / On és el lavabo? - Where are the restrooms?
¿Me podría ayudar, por favor? / Podria ajudar-me, si us plau? – Could you help me, please?

With the help of the filter "With free wireless" you will find highlights that offer free wireless.
Apart from that free WiFi is easily at your own hand in Barcelona. After the launching of “Barcelona WiFi”, the city council installed antennas throughout the city. You can get online for free in shopping centers, bars & restaurants, at the airport, city’s buses, metro stations and most public parks.

Barcelona is great city to visit by bike. There are many rental bike shops all over the prices. One of my recommendations are Donkey bikes. These bikes are so popular and available 24h the 7 days of the week. You only need to download the app and use it as much time as you want. The prices are so competitive. Remember you can get 10% with our discount coupon. One of the best options to rent bikes in Barcelona!

My souvenir recommendations



The "caganer" is a typical Catalan figure of the nativity scenes traditionally represented as a farmer with a typical Catalan hat and a pipe in the lips. It symbolizes luck and joy, and it is said that not to put it in the nativity scene brings misfortune. In fact, for many politicians, footballers and celebrities has become an honor to have their own "caganer" figure.

Baixada de la Llibreteria, 1

Park Güell's Dragon

Park Güell's Dragon

The Gaudí lizard is found in the Park Güell and is one of the most characteristic symbols of Gaudí's work and the technique 'trencadís' which consists of making a mosaic with irregular ceramic fragments. Fortunately, you can get a decent one in most of the souvenir shops in the city.

Park Güell Park Güell , Carrer d'Olot, 3, 08024 Barcelona, Barcelona, España



The "Carquinyolis" are some dry, crusty and sweet pastries that began to be cooked at the beginning of 1888 in several areas of the Catalan geography. The Carquinyolis are cooked with very basic ingredients such as eggs, milk, sugar, flour and almonds, very typical of Catalonia.

La Colmena La Colmena , Carrer l'Àngel, 12, 08002 Barcelona, España

Panot Gaudí

Panot Gaudí

'The Rose tile of Barcelona’, or ‘the Barcelona flower’. You can find it in souvenir shops and bookstores in the city center, printed on t-shirts, jewelry or even get is as chocolate bar.

Passeig de Gràcia, 43, 08007 Barcelona

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