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The Landestelle restaurant, which is also a bar, is located directly on the Rhine and offers various menus at lunchtime and aperitifs in the evenings, especially delicious platters with specialities and fine drinks. There are also concerts in the evening. The landing place belongs to the complex Holzpark Klybeck.
Holzpark Klybeck is a temporary complex that has been built on the Klybeck site since 2014. The operators themselves call it a space for other things. For creative ideas, urban wilderness and dancing freedom.
Since its inception, a wide variety of buildings and bars, restaurants and other cool things have been created on the extensive site on the Kleinbasel bank of the Rhine.
The best way to get to Holzpark Klybeck is to walk from the middle bridge along the Kleinbasel side of the Rhine all the way to Dreirosenbrücke. Continuing along the Rhine, you have to cross the railway tracks, but don't worry, there is no train passing through. And then just continue straight along the Rhine. And suddenly you see the Holzpark Klybeck in front of you and feel yourself in a completely different world. Many of the buildings look futuristic, pretty, creative and beautiful.
If you want to escape from the city for an evening and immerse yourself in another world, you've come to the right place, but: especially in summer, the wooden park is really full of people on a beautiful evening. It lives.
Either way, there are countless possibilities to spend a whole evening in the Holzpark Klybeck and everyone will find something they like. Especially in summer there are a lot of events, especially concerts or parties are celebrated on the area. And often several different ones next to each other. Beside the landing place there are other restaurants and bars, for example the restaurant Hafechäs or the bar Patschifig.

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City Manager Basel

31.05.2017 - 21:13:51

Landestelle-Platte: Eine grosse Schiefersteinplatte mit unterschiedlichsten Leckereien in vegetarischer oder Fleischvariante!

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