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We want to eat breakfast in Berlin these days. Can you recommend us some locations for delicious breakfast?

City Manager Berlin

30.09.2018 20:14:13

Hey dear Berlin-visitor,

i can recommend you two different locations.

The first Café named "Mokkabar" in Kreuzberg. There you can find a wide selection of different breakfast menus. All menus are really delicious and served with plenty of fruits. Stay and enjoy your time there!

The second location named "Toasted" in Neukölln near Hermannplatz. The decor is rustic and the meals are kept simple. Here you will get for little money toasts with cheese, ham, sucuk, tuna or something else. You also should try the Turkish scrambled eggs "Menemen". The ambiance is very berlin-like and therefore not something for everyone.

I hope you'll enjoy your stay!

Best regards,
Kevin, City Manager Berlin