Game "Where in the City"

Game "Where in the City"

How to play

Try to place 10 highlights presented by the game as close as possible to their correct location by placing the pin in the appropriate location on the map.
At the beginning you can choose from three levels of difficulty: "First visitors" (only sights), "Connoisseur" (+ parks / parks / playgrounds and culture) and "Local" (all categories).
You have 18 seconds to place the highlight. Once you have placed the pin, you can call the next highlight by pressing the "Next" button. The closer to the correct location you placed the pin, the more points you get (max. 100 points per highlight).
Check the point you got at the end by pressing on the grey pins.
To play the game offline, please play the game online once to cash the map data and then press the "Offline download" button and download the data.

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