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Restaurant Aamanns 1921 is the place to go to experience fantastic interpretation of smørrebrød! If you want a more New Nordic way of experiencing Danish cuisine, this is the place.

Aamanns 1921 is located in central Copenhagen, it specializes in Smørrebrød - Denmark’s traditional open-faced sandwich, with the use of fresh, seasonal ingredients produced from scratch, such as fermented herring, pickled vegetables and sourdough bread. Focus is also being put on quality beer and a wide selection of homemade aquavit, juices and cocktails.

It is recommended to book your table in advance, you can do that via Aamanns 1921 website.

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City Manager Copenhagen

09.07.2018 - 07:46:36

The chef Adam Aamann is making his own soap. It is used in restaurant's bathroom.