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The Lakes (in Danish called Søerne) consist of three rectangular lakes: Sortedam Lake, Peblinge Lake and Sankt Jørgens Lake. They are curving around the western margin of the City Centre, forming one of the oldest and most distinctive features of the Copenhagen's topography.

The paths around the Lakes are popular for walks and runs. When the sun comes out, the Lakes area gets crowded in a second. It is very popular hangout spot with plenty of Cafes around it. During the summer, you can rent paddle boats in the shape of swans, at the Kaffesalonen. You will find them by the Dronning Louises Bridge, probably the most popular hangout spot around the Lakes, for people in the summer days, playing music, drinking beers, enjoying nice weather and taking the break from their busy day. Numerous benches are located around the Lakes making perfect spots to observe swans and ducks.

Walk or run around all the Lakes is about 6 km long and if you decide to take this little trip you will visit three different districts of Copenhagen: starting at the Planetarium, you will come by Frederiksberg, after crossing busy street called Åboulvearden you will be in Nørrebro area, if you keep on walking further you will reach Østerbro.

One of the best thing about the Lakes is that they are just in the city centre. It will take you 5 min walk from Nørreport to the Lakes, a real oasis in Copenhagen. It is not allowed so swim in the Lakes.

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City Manager Copenhagen

30.05.2016 - 14:22:32

Looking for a place to run in Copenhagen? We have plenty of great spots for that! One of the idea would be to take the paths surrounding The Lakes (around 6 km). I recommend it in the morning and evening. During the days, specially weekends it might be very crowded and not that comfortable to run between the people. But all depends on the Danish weather :)

City Manager Copenhagen

30.05.2016 - 14:17:59

In Denmark, it is allowed to drink alcohol in public places. Do it like a local, grab a beer and enjoy nature in the middle of the city, sitting around The Lakes.

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