Nyhavn (The New Harbour)

Nyhavn (The New Harbour)


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Nyhavn was constructed between 1670 and 1673, by the King Christian V, in the past it served as very busy commercial harbour.

You will find it perfectly located between Kongens Nytorv and the Royal Playhouse. It is characterised by colourful buildings that will catch your attention right away. The oldest one dates from 1681 and is located by no. 9, but you should also search for the building number 67, because famous Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen have lived there in the years 1845-1864. He also lived at number 18 in the years 1871 – 1875, where today you will find Andersen-themes souvenir shop.

Today, Nyhavn is a place to hang out, it is filed with good restaurants, music, architecture, historic boats and people enjoying the Danish cosiness of Copenhagen. Some people call Nyhavn ‘The Longest Bar of Scandinavia’, it is the most visited place by tourists in Copenhagen and you will always find it crowded, especially in the summer time.

From Nyhavn you can start your canal boat tour or jump on one of the harbour buses, yellow boats that are part of the public transportation of Copenhagen and can be an alternative to the official canal tours.

Nyhavn is the picture spot of Copenhagen and every tourist must take one here :-)

Specially suitable for
Families with young kids (0-10), At night

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City Manager Copenhagen

10.04.2017 - 09:27:06

Nyhavn might be very crowded. If this is too much for you, not far from Nyhavn you will find Ofelia Plads (it is one of our highlights), area where you can take a break, relax by the water and avoid crowd of people.


15.08.2016 - 19:09:26

Ein Stück weiter, über die Brücke, kommt ihr zum "Art Center". Das befindet sich gegenüber dem Schauspielhaus und neben der königlichen Oper. Diese sehen aus wie eine Markthalle. Angrenzend dem Center befindet sich das "Papirøen". Dort trifft sich alles, um die letzten Sonnenstrahlen des Tages zu genießen. In der Halle ist super Musik, und eine Vielfalt von Leckerein - Süßes, herzhaftes, Veganer, Vergetarisch..... einfach irre! So einen tollen Platz zum chillen habe ich in ganz Kopenhagen nicht finden können. Ihr seht es schon, wenn ihr direkt gegenüber dem Schauspielhaus steht. Ein "must seen" in Kopenhagen!

City Manager Copenhagen

30.05.2016 - 16:02:03

Look for No. 67, Between 1845 and 1864, Hans Christian Andersen lived in Nyhavn, where a memorial plaque now stands..

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