Pizzeria La Fiorita

Pizzeria La Fiorita

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Pizzeria la Fiorita is a real Italian food and quality pizza place, in the centre of Copenhagen. This place is run by an Italian family, since 1992 and the atmosphere here is very Italian as well. All their pizzas are made fresh and the prices are very reasonable, especially for the quality of the food that you are getting here.

The place itself is very tiny, they have an outdoor seating, but sometimes you need to wait couple of minutes to get a table. Self-service is what they do at Pizzeria la Fiorita. You need to order your pizza and pay at the counter. Beside food, it is possible to buy some of traditional Italian products here.

Clients often take the pizza 'to go' and enjoy it by the Lakes, which are located around the corner. I just need one word to describe Pizzeria la Fiorita: delicious! delizioso!

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City Manager Copenhagen

18.09.2017 - 10:26:37

The owners of Pizzeria La Fiorita are holding holidays and will be back in town on the 1st of October. This place will be open again on the 2nd of October.