Round Tower

Round Tower


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The Round Tower is a 17th century tower and it was the built as the first part of the Trinitatis Complex (church, library and observatory in a single building).

It was built in the times of the King Christian IV, who wanted to continue works of the famous Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe, after his death in 1601.

The Round Tower is an icon of Copenhagen and even though it is only 42 m tall, to get to the top you need to take 268,5 meters of spiral walk. It is possible to enjoy the Round Tower's core seen through 50 mm thick glass floor. The building does not have an elevator, so be ready for a bit of physical exercise here. Through the same staircase you can get to the Library Hall, opened in 1657, which now serves as a gallery and concert venue, but in the past it used to be home of the entire University book collection, housing about 10 000 books. The Round Tower is the oldest functioning astronomy observatory in Europe, it was used by the University of Copenhagen until 1861.

Admission prices: adults DKK 25, children 5-15 years DKK 5
It is possible to buy the tickets online, or at the ticket office of the Round Tower.

The price is very reasonable and what you will get is amazing view over the rooftops of Copenhagen. You can simply see the whole city from the Round Tower.

Specially suitable for
Roof top, Highlights with a view, When it rains, Families with young kids (0-10), Families with teenage kids

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City Manager Copenhagen

19.07.2016 - 12:30:07

Every year in spring, a unicycle race is held in the Round Tower. The contestants have to go up and down the tower. The world record, set in 1988, is 1 minute and 48.7 seconds.