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At Tolboden, you can experience the authentic maritime and local vibe of Copenhagen harbour. The old rustic custom house, Toldboden, is located in the centre of Copenhagen with a breathtaking view of the waterfront and The Opera House, the old citadel (Kastellet) and the Sixtus Battery.

Toldboden used to be the terminal for the ferry to Poland from Denmark. Today it is a great venue of 1044m2 with a view to the waterfront and the old citadel you feel the authenticity of Copenhagen due to the maritime atmosphere and historical surroundings located only five minutes walk from the statue of the Little Mermaid and 15 min walk from the Royal Castel.

Toldboden can accommodate 750 guests and 450 for dinner. Depending on the harvest and season Toldboden gets vegetables from Toldboden’s own farm, Juliangaard, in the Northern of Zealand in Denmark from Autumn 2018 the vegetables will be organic in 2018. Furthermore, the heat from the kitchen is reused to heat up the venue. In Toldboden’s two bars and lounge you can meet and mingle for a pre-dinner drink or take a break from a meeting. Furthermore, Toldboden has a large outdoor area which is great as a welcome area with red carpets, etc. the are a lot of options.

The room is bright with clean lines, the rustic furniture is made from recycled wood from Danish harbours. Toldboden is open all year with different concepts: Enjoy a light meal in the Harbour Grill, come for dinner or weekend brunch in the restaurant. During the summer the outdoor terrace is buzzing with local people enjoying the sun in deck chairs and light dishes from the harbour grill, while the DJ plays great tunes.

The owner of Toldboden is also the initiator of Denmark’s first street food market: Copenhagen Street Food – Paper Island, Storms Pakhus – Odense Street Food and the new market called Reffen with both food and creative workshops Reffen, which will open in May 2018.

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