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Torvehallerne is a food market place where you will find around 70 stands focused on diversity, taste and quality. All of them have the focus and respect for raw materials, starting from fresh meat and fish, ending on chocolate specialities, all of that you will find at Torvehallerne.

Tiny table areas to take a break and get a bite of the goodness you just purchased, makes the place even more enjoyable! There is a seating area outside as well.

Torvehallerne consist of 2 halls, between them you will find vegetables, fruits and flower market. It is popular meeting place for locals and foreigners, some of them do their daily grocery shopping at Torvehallerne, others are meeting for a delicious cup of coffee or lunch. Tourists stop by checking how fantastic food market can be and most of them want to come back, because the quality of food is top here.

Torvehallerne are organising plenty of events, check their website for more information and dates.

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