Georges Street Arcade

Georges Street Arcade

Shops and markets , Clothes and accessories

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George's Street Arcade was the first purpose-built Victorian Shopping Centre in Dublin. It opened in 1881 as the South City Markets. The opening was a grand occasion and was well attended by the guests, lots of them being wealthy families with substantial property interests in the area. There were no native Dubliners on the guest list, which went down very poorly with the locals.

In 1892 the building was destroyed by fire. There were no fatalities, but it was devastating for the shop keepers who lost their shops and overhead homes. A relief fund was established, and the building was successfully restored, reopening in 1894.

Nowadays, the Arcade holds approximately fifty tenants varying in size. The shops include a wide variety of styles and purposes: high fashion and accessories, trendy funky gear, custom designed solid silver, costume jewellery, hair-styling, fortune telling, music, art, books, speciality ornaments, memorabilia, stamps and coin collections, cafés, general groceries and speciality foods.

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City Manager Dublin

11.09.2017 - 20:16:16

This is a great place if you are looking for vintage clothing or a hipster vibe. But also you can find pictures and watercolours of Dublin and some souvenirs.

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