Bertels Salon

Bertels Salon

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Bertels Salon is located on Kompagnistæde, in the central Copenhagen. This place is a heaven for cheesecakes enthusiasts. If you are not big cheesecake fun, by visiting the Bertels Salon you might change your mind. Their cheesecakes are probably best in town and their portions are huge.

At Bertels Salon, flavours of the cakes vary, but the selection is wide. If you don’t know what to choose, ask the staff for advice, they have tasted them all. You can also check all available cheesecakes just by looking through the window, from there you get probably the best perspective on them. Cheesecakes at the Bertels Salon are homemade and taste best with a cup of delicious coffee of course that you can get here as well.

The place is quite small and some days it might be difficult to get a table, but it is worth to try, even if you must wait for the table. Make sure to have your credit card with you, it is impossible to pay with cash at the Bertels Salon.

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