Medios de comunicación

Medios de comunicación

Ittigen/Hamburg, August 2018

Press Release

Swiss travel guide start-up MyCityHighlight breaks the 1 million user mark

The Swiss travel guide start-up "MyCityHighlight", founded in 2015, has now more than one million users planning their city trip with their website and app. MyCityHighlight has locals in each city of their program, who maintain the data, provide personal tips and can be contacted via a forum. At MyCityHighlight, city travelers will find the hippest places and local events, which is making possible the most authentic city break experience.

A glance at the interactive travel guide of MyCityHighlight (App or Website) can be well worthwhile when preparing for a city brak. The Free Travel Guide presents a hand-picked collection of attractions, events and other point-of-interest. These can be filterd according to various criteria, eg. "for families" or "when it rains" and saved in a "favorites list" or a "tour planner".

The special feature of MyCityHighlight: The locals who maintain the data MyCityHighlight has its own locals in each city, so-called city managers, who maintain the data of their hometowns, provide insider tips and can also be contacted directly. This makes MyCityHighlight the most personal, authentic and up-to-date travel guide in Europe. MyCityHighlight is currently available for 23 European cities.

Discover the most beautiful corners of Europe with audio guides and detective trails In addition to the travel guide, MyCityHighlight has recently also been offering complementary products with its audio guides and detective trails in order to discover the most beautiful cities in Europe in a different way. More than 50,000 people have already been guided through the city on a "City in 2h Tour" with the Audio Guide App, or through a detective trail treasure hunt through the cities. Both the audio guide tours as well as the detective trails are put together by the City Managers.


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