What is MyCityHighlight and what are the City Managers?

MyCityHighlight is the "All-in-one city trip companion", an interactive free travel guide which allows you to take city tours as if you were a native. This is possible due to what is known as the City Managers of MyCityHighlight - locals who maintain the data for the corresponding cities. They can be contacted directly via the Forum.

Additional unique features such as the ability to send real postcards directly from your mobile phone, the filter functions "@night" or "@rain", discount coupons for the displayed highlights or the event agenda, which indicates street festivals among other things, which only locals recognize, make this app something special. 

Of course, the users are also able to make their own travel experiences accessible. You can record highlights yourself (and publish them) or rate and comment on existing ones. And of course you can share all entries via social media networks. 

MyCityHighlight uses the advantages of different devices and the data are synchronized no matter where you log in. MyCityHighlight is available natively on iOS and Android and is also available as a desktop application (web application).

How can I plan my tour?

You can compile a personal city tour under the navigation item "My Tours" where highlights can be added to a tour. You can calculate your tour with a personal start and end point. The tour calculation is designed for drivers and pedestrians. 

For technical reasons, the tour is only calculated in online mode. Previously calculated tours can be used in offline mode.

How can I send a postcard?

You can send your personal postcard via the navigation item "Send postcards". You can either upload images via your diskdrive or you can use the pictures of the Highlights of MyCityHighlight.
The text field can be filled in with an individual text (max. 256 characters). 
Saved postcards can be sent to other recipients by overwriting them.
You can either send the postcard as an e-mail ( PDF) or as a conventional postcard by mail. In that case the postcard is printed, posted and sent by a MyCityHighlight partner printing company. This service is subject to a charge. 
Payment for postcards which are sent by mail is either by Paypal or by Premium SMS. A postcard costs CHF 3.50 (approx. EUR 3.20).

How can I benefit from a coupon?

Those who "own" tourist attractions can activate coupons at MyCityHighlight which can then be redeemed by MyCityHighlight users at the respective highlight location. 
In order for you to benefit from an offer of this type, you have to activate the respective coupon (doing that on the detail view of a "Coupon). In the desktop version of MyCityHighlight you will then be able to print out the coupon. 
To redeem the coupon, you can show the printed version of the coupon or the activated coupon on your mobile device at the attraction site. 
Please take note that each coupon has a certain validity period. Each coupon can only be activated and redeemed once per registered user.

What is the "travel diary"?

Every registered MyCityHighlight user can create a personal travel diary. Images of highlights can be added. It is possible to share travel diaries you have created with friends.

Will other cities be added?

MyCityHighlight is frequently dding cities? Do you want to present your own city and become a City Manager? We’d be happy if you contact us.

If I enter a new highlight or an update, how long does it take until the change is visible?

All new entries (with the exception of the commentary and secret tip information and the forum entries) are reviewed by the City Managers of MyCityHighlight and then approved if they meet the MyCityHighlight guidelines. This occurs every week. The approval decision lies with MyCityHighlight.

Do I always have to be online?

No, MyCityHighlight is working offline. To use MyCityHighlight offline you have do download the data first by pressing the button “Download for offline use” under "Settings”. Before doing that zoom in once on the map.

Can I change my e-mail address for my account?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the e-mail address in existing accounts. If you would like to enter a new e-mail address, please open a new account.

Do the coupons at the top right have a "bell symbol": What is that?

With the bell function, you can switch on the push function for coupons. If you now get within 200m of a coupon, a "pop-up window" will automatically appear on your mobile phone and tell you that there is a Coupon near to you. .

How can I give feedback?

We are happy to receive your feedback at  info@mycityhighlight.ch.

Whom can I contact if I am having problems with the app?

If there is a problem in the operation and you cannot find an entry under FAQ, you can contact our support team at any time --> info@mycityhighlight.ch.
We will be pleased to help you.