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Along the waterfront and in the meadows of the park sun-seekers, students, employees of nearby offices and consulates, as well as plenty of others enjoy the nature and the City views. They watch the sailors and enjoy the splendid panorama of the Alster.

The Alsterpark has been redesigned in 1953, as part of the international Garden Festival IGA, and is architecturally divided into two parts: One part is dominated by meadows and trees, and the other by garden architecture with walls and paths.

There are several places to rent boats and cafes to relax. The Alsterpark is the perfect Jogging spot. Cycling around is also possible, a bit more difficult though, as you may not cycle along the water all the time, but have to take the cycling path towards the meadows. Tip: Every year in May the Japanese cherry blossom festival with its fantastic fireworks draws many visitors.

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