Hamburg Fishmarket

Hamburg Fishmarket

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The Fishmarket in Altona is one of the biggest Highlights and a Must do and see whenever you come to Hamburg – the origin dates back to the rivalry between Hamburg and Altona. Every sunday from 5.00 to 9.30pm (November 15th to March 14th starting at 7pm) several night owls and partiers coming from the nearby Reeperbahn as well as real early birds come together at the Fishmarket in Altona. On summer sundays you can count up to 70,000 visitors, while in the wintertime the number lays between 5,000 and 10,000. Besides of the fresh fish the marketers offer fruit – especially the famous fruit baskets -, plants, alive animals, pastries and coffee as well as souvenirs. The market criers do their best to make a stroll over the fishmarket an unforgettable experience – you will see a lot of bargaining and dealing, also some real auctions may take place. After the shopping at the Fishmarket people go for a dance at Fischauktionhalle next door, where there is always live music and a good party atmosphere.

The original purpose of the Fishmarket in Altona was to provide the citizens with freh fish, while the selling of other goods was added in the early 18th century. Due to a change in law in 1703 people in Altona were allowed to do trading also before the churchgoing on sundays, so that the fish would be as fresh as possible when reaching the manorial houses – this is why the fishmarket opens that early in the morning. Since 1846 there was a track connection from Altona Trainstation to the Fishmarket; at first via a ropewinder and since 1847 through the haddocktunnel. Thanks to this connection, the Fishmarket was temporarily the biggest terminal for saltwater fish and canned fish within Germany.
In 1896 the Fischauktionshalle was opened as a place for auctions, trade and distribution of fish.
The building was built in the vein of a three-aisled basilika and has been under monumental protection since 1984.

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City Manager Hamburg

21.07.2014 - 07:43:44

Auf den Galerien der Fischauktionshalle könnt ihr bei Live Musik ein leckeres Sonntagsfrühstück genießen. Weitere Informationen unter:


20.10.2018 - 16:08:44

zum bummeln wunderbar geeignet auch wenn man schnäppchen mitnehmen will ist der markt gegen ende der schließzeit bestens geeignet