El Jardín Secreto

El Jardín Secreto

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The Secret Garden is one of the most charming places to have a drink in Madrid. This charming garden is located in one of the busiest areas of the city, next to the Gran Vía. To access the roof you must do so with an elevator located at the end of the Salvador Bachiller store which is located in Calle Montera. The decoration is British, the atmosphere is very pleasant and the food, especially the desserts, are delicious. Come and meet him.

The Secret Garden can also be found in the Conde Duque area. It is a perfect place especially when it comes to enjoying one of its snacks or having a drink at nightfall. This coffee has a careful decoration full of details that adorn each table and give each corner a different atmosphere.

The Secret Garden has a very wide menu with a great variety. They emphasize multitude of coffees of the world, infusions, natural shakes and chocolates of all the classes, from chocolate with petals of rose to chocolate with ice cream of violets. You can also enjoy a wide variety of cakes, including the "Death by Chocolate", for the most chocolate lovers. Come and see El Jardín Secreto, alone, with your family or friends if you are in Madrid for a few days or if you live here and want to disconnect for a few hours from the dizzying rhythm of the city.

Also at night the Secret Garden becomes a restaurant where you can eat and drink one of its various cocktails, prepared with delicacy. The lights, colors and atmosphere that are created is simply magical.

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City Manager Madrid

23.10.2017 - 17:59:52

Try the Benedictine Eggs They are delicious! If there are not many people sit on the swing. From there the views are wonderful.

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