La Central de Callao

La Central de Callao

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The Central de Callao is undoubtedly the best bookstore in Madrid. Located in an old palace, the bookshop has two floors, a bistro where you can have breakfast or brunch and a room for exhibitions and cultural activities. In the Central de Callao you can find all kinds of books: travel books, novels, comics, history books, children's books, etc.. Although you are not very fond of books, entering La Central is quite an experience. I highly recommend it. The atmosphere is a luxury. It is also surrounded by cafes, shops and restaurants, so to disconnect a little from the noise of Gran Vía and Callao is a good plan. The silence between the books is to be thanked.

La Central de Callao is the Madrid headquarters of the Barcelona bookstore chain, which has been open since September 2012. This famous bookshop in the centre of Madrid is located in an old 19th century palace of 1,200 m2. The Central de Callao houses more than 70,000 volumes of collection specializing in philosophy, history, social sciences and literature. It is quite an experience, both for tourists and for the rest of the book-loving public.

The Central building in Callao has three floors. There is an old courtyard with carriages and a large cypress tree. A café-restaurant also with shelves of books around. Here you can rest and have a cup of tea, coffee, a fresh beer or something to eat. It is not an expensive place so I recommend it. This is on the ground floor and is run by the founders of two Barcelona firms, Xocoa and Demasié. And finally a cocktail bar: El garito, on the first floor. It's an old cave that served as a tobacco warehouse. In the Central de Callao you can also find a varied programme of cultural activities.

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City Manager Madrid

27.10.2017 - 16:27:36

If you have children you have to bring them to La Central. There are a lot of books and acitvidades for them. Be alert to their website!

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