Museum of Romanticism

Museum of Romanticism

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The Museum of Romanticism is a Madrid Museum of the lesser known but which has an extraordinary richness in its interior. It is a cultural attraction not very well known in the city because it is located in one of the narrow streets of Malasaña. The Museum of Romanticism is a palace-museum, a mansion from the Spanish Romantic period. You can walk through its halls, elegant female rooms, the sober male rooms or the children's room. All the objects, furniture and paintings are original from the period.

The Museum of Romanticism is the former palace of the Marquis of Matallana, built in 1776. Inside you can find an interesting collection of paintings, furniture and decorative arts of the nineteenth century, which recreates everyday life and customs of the high bourgeoisie during Romanticism. The visit is very interesting since you will be able to know how the society was during this historical period.

Let's go with some history. Romanticism in Spain was a cultural movement that during the first half of the 19th century mobilized young artists, both intellectuals and politicians. Inside this Palace you can find works by Goya, Esquivel, Madrazo, Alenza and the Bécquer brothers, ceramics by Sargadelos and Sèvres, ebonite jewellery, lava or natural hair, a collection of porcelain dolls, 15 pianos, empire or Elizabethan style furniture and the pistol with which Larra committed suicide.

One of the most special places in this museum is the Magnolia Garden, which is decorated in the romantic style and has the structure of the French model of the 18th century. Here you can have tea or coffee after seeing the inside of the museum. This is a good place to come with the children as they often organize special activities for them. In the Magnolio Garden there are four streets separated by flowerbeds of different sizes and a fountain in the middle. In each of the flowerbeds there is a different tree, among them the magnolia that gives name to the garden.

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Admission is free every Saturday of the year.

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