Bolligen/Bern, 1st October 2014

Press Release

Young entrepreneurs from Bern have expanded their new city trip app: with the new addition of Vienna and Cologne, all major German-speaking cities are now included in the app.

The new city trip app MyCityHighlight has been available from app stores since late July 2014; more than 1,000 people already use this special app created by three young entrepreneurs from Bern for their city trips. With the addition of Cologne and Vienna, another two attractive travel destinations will be included as of October 2014. This means that the ten most popular German-speaking travel destinations are now available on the app. The plan is to include the most important city destinations outside the German-speaking region by spring 2015. At the same time, the design of the app has been adapted to make it more user-friendly.

A glance at the MyCityHighlight app can be well worthwhile when preparing for a city tour. The app shows all the tourist highlights of a city, which can be filtered either by categories or according to individual requirements. Thus, for example, the app can show only locations that are suitable for when it’s raining or for families. What makes the app truly exceptional are its special features, such as sending real post cards directly from the smartphone, discount vouchers for the highlights displayed, and an event calendar that shows, for example, street festivals that only locals know about.

City Managers maintain the data

The data on MyCityHighlight are maintained by "City Managers" – locals of the relevant city. This means you can visit the city as if you were a local. The City Managers maintain the databases and upload discount vouchers. They also offer insider tips or draw users' attention to particular street festivals. “Our City Managers give MyCityHighlight an unmistakably local feel. They maintain our databases, release highlights, and then delete them again when inappropriate”, explains Christoph Stadelmann, Managing Director of MyCityHighlight.

The “all-in-one city trip companion”

“Our small team has set itself the goal of making MyCityHighlight the personal and indispensable travel guide for anyone visiting a city”, says Christoph Stadelmann on his vision. The basis for the app is a hand-picked selection of sights and points of interest, which can be individually downloaded using various filters. A few of these filters worth-mentioning are “city@night”, “city@rain”, and “Free WiFi”, which sort sights according to particular requirements. Additional functions that have never been integrated into a travel app before, such as the “MyCoupon” function, which allows users to download discount vouchers, and the “MyPostcard” function, which enables users to send real postcards straight from the mobile phones , make the app an “all-in-one city trip companion”. The app also includes a diary feature and the MyTour function, which enables users to put together their own individual city tour. And the best thing? MyCityHighlight can also be used offline.

Free interactive travel guide

MyCityHighlight is free for customers – except for sending post cards, obviously. Of course, users also have to option to share their travel experiences with others. They can writer up and publish highlights or just rate and comment on existing highlights. And of course, all entries can be shared on social media networks.

MyCityHighlight is a cross-platform mobile solution

MyCityHighlight is not just a mere app. MyCityHighlight uses the advantages of different kinds of devices, and your data are synchronised whichever one you use to log in. MyCityHighlight is available for iOS and Android, and is also accessible as a desktop application (web application).

It starts with German-speaking countries, but the major European travel destinations are the medium-term goal

At the moment, MyCityHighlight is available for the ten largest German-speaking city destinations: Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lucerne, and Zürich in Switzerland; Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, and Munich in Germany, as well as Vienna in Austria. The aim is for other popular European city destinations, such as Paris, London, Barcelona, Madrid, and Rome to be added by early 2015.

MyCityHighlight is a product created by three young entrepreneurs from Bern

MyCityHighlight is a product created by thee young entrepreneurs from Bern: Christoph Stadelmann (Managing Director), Barbara Stettler (Deputy Managing Director), and Michael Jenni (Product Manager), who run SB Switzerland AG together. SB Switzerland AG has set itself the goal of making life somewhat more beautiful and easier. It is dedicated to helping create sustainable and beautiful moments of pleasure and experience. This is what its "Some beauty" (SB) claim stands for. In addition to MyCityHighlight, SB Switzerland AG also produces and markets the whey-based cosmetic products Sidefyn Cosmetics and the "re-lumia" upcycled lights, among other things.

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