Bavaria Statue

Bavaria Statue


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The Bavaria is a gigantic bronze statue and stands as a symbol and worldly patroness of the Free State of Bavaria. She was established on behalf of King Ludwig I. and stands in architectural unity with the Ruhmeshalle on the edge of the hill above the Theresienwiese. In the head of the statue there is a viewing platform.

The wide corridors of the 3 wings of the column hall are lined with busts of important Bavarians from the last centuries.

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City Manager München

12.02.2016 - 20:13:31

Als Material für die Statue dienten übrigens alte Geschützrohre türkischer Kriegsschiffe, die in der Seeschlacht von Navarion 1827 versenkt wurden. Diese wurden geborgen, mit Ochsenkarren über den Brenner transportiert und letztendlich in der Königlichen Erzgießerei zur Bavaria gegossen. ### By the way: the material used for creating the statue was old cannons from Turkish warships, which were sunk in the Battle of Navarion in 1827. These were recovered, transported over the "Brenner" by ox cart and ultimately formed to the Bavaria in the royal foundry.

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