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Being one of the largest inner-city parks in the world, the English Garden is hard to beat in terms of versatility. Based on the diversity of its visitors it already is quite apparent that there is a recreational activity available for everyone to take a well-deserved break from the hectic city life. From a simple walk through its extensive grounds, a relaxing stop in one of the various, distributed beer gardens, sunbathing and then refreshing in the Eisbach (which has earned its name, meaning as much as “Ice Creek”), up to even surfing on the Eisbach wave are by far not all possible activities.

The lively southern part of the English Garden has become a vibrant hub for urban leisure life due to its proximity to Munich’s universities and the city center. No matter what the weather or what time of year it is, there’s always something going on here. Alternatively, the somewhat more remote northern part offers a haven of peace and a trip into nature.

Ultimately, regardless of which part of the English Garden you choose, you can discover a lot of almost magical places, even apart from sights such as the Monopteros. And as soon as your urge for exploration is satisfied, you can end your evening following Bavarian tradition in one of the beautiful beer gardens and quench your thirst with cool Bavarian beer. For example, the beer garden at the Chinese Tower might be a good pick, which is centrally located in the southern part and supports its good mood often times with brass music from live bands.

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City Manager München

01.03.2018 - 17:35:51

Seinen Namen erhielt der Englische Garten übrigens aufgrund seiner Anlehnung an den Stil der Englischen Landschaftsparks, anstatt der geometrisch durchgeplanten Natur damals populärer Französischer Barockgärten. ### Incidentally, the English Garden got its name from its resemblance in style of English landscape parks, instead of the geometrically planned out nature of French Baroque gardens, which were also popular at those times.

City Manager München

19.09.2015 - 00:28:15

Am südlichsten Punkt des Englischen Gartens, wo der Eisbach am Haus der Kunst zutage tritt und durch eine Steinstufe eine etwa halbmeterhohe Stromschnelle bildet, findet sich ein weltweit bekannter Surfing-Hotspot. Das ganze Jahr über kann sich hier jeder, der es wagt und die nötige Ausrüstung besitzt, kostenlos in die Welle stürzen. ### At the southernmost point of the English Garden, where the "Eisbach" river comes to light at the House of Art and forms about half a meter high rapids through a stone step, there is a world-renowned surfing hot spot. Throughout the year everyone, who dares and has the necessary equipment, is allowed to plunge into the wave for free.

City Manager München

18.09.2015 - 23:34:02

Am wohl bekanntesten Bauwerk des Englischen Gartens, dem 25 Meter hohen Chinesischen Turm befindet sich ein beliebter Biergarten. Dieser ist einer der größten Biergärten Münchens und eignet sich perfekt zur Einkehr nach einem Besuch des Englischen Gartens. ### At the most famous monument of the English Garden, the 25-meter high Chinese Tower, is a popular beer garden. This is one of the largest beer gardens in Munich and makes a perfect place to stop by after a visit of the English Garden.

City Manager München

18.09.2015 - 23:22:52

Am Südende des Parks steht das Japanische Teehaus "Kanshoan" auf einer künstlichen Insel im Schwabinger Bach, welches der Stadt München anlässlich der olympischen Sommerspiele 1972 zur Unterrichtung von japanischen Teezeremonien gestiftet wurde. Bis heute wird dort regelmäßig der traditionelle Teeweg öffentlich zugänglich praktiziert. ### At the southern end of the park the Japanese teahouse "Kanshoan", which was donated to the city of Munich on the occasion of the 1972 Summer Olympics for the practicing of Japanese tea ceremonies, is located on an artificial island in the "Schwabinger Bach". Today the traditional way of tea is still practiced there regularly.

City Manager München

18.09.2015 - 16:54:42

Den wohl besten Ausblick über den Südteil kann man sich vom Monopteros verschaffen. Der tempelartige Rundbau wurde 1836 mitsamt Hügel in die Landschaft dieses Parkteils eingefügt. ### The "Monopteros" offers the best view over the southern part. The temple-like circular building was inserted together with its hill into the landscape of this part of the park in 1836.

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