Königin 43

Königin 43

Coffee, Tea, Bistros and Gelaterias

3.9 (8)

Königin 43 is a cafe in a beautiful location, next to the English Garden, that invites to relax and decelerate. Both on the large, raised terrace overlooking the nature and in the beautifully decorated interior of the café you can get very comfy with a selection of coffee, light meals and self-created snacks.

Specially suitable for
Families with teenage kids, When it rains

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City Manager München

04.01.2016 - 00:44:15

Das Café verfügt über einige selbst erstellte Saft- und Teekreationen, die extrem zu empfehlen sind. ### The cafe has some self-produced juice and tea creations to offer, that I can especially recommend.

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