Takumi Sapporo Ramen

Takumi Sapporo Ramen

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4.8 (5)

Takumi follows the motto "one ramen one smile" and thus seeks to serve you the perfect Japanese noodle soup. It's hard to beat Takumi in either variation or taste of their Ramen and everyone who is a fan of ramen or just curious would be well advised to pay a visit to the small restaurant.

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City Manager München

06.02.2016 - 02:53:24

Als eher kleines Restaurant nimmt Takumi keine Reservierungen an, wer also nicht im Vorraum auf einen freien Tisch warten möchte, sollte vor 18:30 Uhr oder nach 21 Uhr kommen. ### As a small restaurant Takumi doesn't accept reservations, so those, who don't want to wait for a free table in the anteroom, should make their visit before 6:30PM or after 9PM.

City Manager München

30.11.2015 - 17:59:37

Falls die Entscheidung zwischen den vielen verschiedenen Ramen-Optionen zu schwer fällt: Mit Takumis Spezial-Ramen kann man definitiv nichts falsch machen! ### If you're struggling with the choice between all the Ramen options you might wan't to take Takumis Special Ramen as you definitely won't regret ordering those!

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