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Where is the best steak in Odessa? Of course, in Rokka restaurant, at their open kitchen. The restaurant is situated away from city center, close to Arcadia area, but it is worth to get there. The restaurant Rokka has its own farm to grow the superior quality meat. Those who dislike meat can benefit from the equally delicious fish and seafood dishes. The desserts are also extraordinary here.
The best restaurants in Odessa are not always located at the historical city center. Sometimes they are pretty away from the main touristic trails, however, many of them require an advance booking.
Restaurant Rokka is one of Odessa’s finest dining places. All the gourmet meat lovers should visit it. Despite Odessa is proud of many places with extraordinary tasty kitchen, the best steak in Odessa is be prepared for you in the restaurant Rokka.

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Irina Shapiro Samoshkina

08.10.2016 - 19:42:07

If in doubt what to order, try their specialty dish - Rokka steak. They offer it at three roasting degrees.

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