Cafe Čekárna (Kavárna Čekárna)

Cafe Čekárna (Kavárna Čekárna)

Coffee, Tea, Bistros and Gelaterias

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If you decided to spend some time enjoying picturesque views of Vyšehrad, drop by this homelike cafe to recharge energy. A glass of beer, wine or a cup of fresh coffee along with a delicious cake will make the day complete. If you feel like you are getting cold or sick try Medvědí mléko (Bear's milk) that consists of milk, rum and honey.

It is also great to spend warm days in trees' shadows that grow in quiet and peaceful garden hidden in between the cafe and Vyšehrad walls. If you have kids, they can play in the garden. And remember - everything else will wait! (Čekárna means waiting room)

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