Jam with Les Gars d'en Bas

Jam with Les Gars d'en Bas

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One cold winter day in 2014 I accidentally went to the concert of Les Gars d'en Bas, they played in a club and people around were passionately dancing, so was I in a couple of minutes because it was impossible to resisit this temptation. Since then I've become a big fan of their band.

Les Gars d'en Bas is the band that consists of 5 members of three different nationalities (French, Czech and Slovak) and thus blends traditional influences of each member to create a cocktail of chanson, swing, jazz, blues, Latin, klezmer and Gypsy music that they perform with great warmth and professionality.

During the last year, Les Gars d'en Bas has played on hundreds of stages and street corners from Sweden to Italy, and Brittany to Turkey, traveled thousands of kilometers in their self-constructed caravan. What happy nomads they are! Come, it will be inspiring!

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