National film museum

National film museum

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After two successful exhibitions NaFilm1 and 2, a dream about permanent venue for this ingenious, interactive and inspirational exposition has finally come true. Thus National film museum opened its doors to public! This hidden gem is located at the entrance to beautiful city garden Františkánská zahrada and is ready to lift the veil to the fascinating world of cinema following its history from the very origins to virtual reality and holograms.

The information is represented in short blocks that tell visitors interesting and memorable facts about cinema and are always accompanied with real example or a creative task to do. Among many exhibits you will see the first movie projectors, you will learn about afterimages, animation principles and sound effects so that later to apply them in your own project, you will listen to a movie and watch short screenings in tiny cinema halls. You might want to spend a whole day in the museum and crave to come back, that's for sure. Don't forget to bring your kids and don't hesitate to visit this place!

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