Studio Alta

Studio Alta

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It is hard to say what Studio Alta is not! Thanks to its open-minded concept and enormous premises it transforms and changes with every guest who comes, with every event held here. But above all Alta is a multicultural space and a creative hub focused on contemporary dance located in four industrial halls with a total area of 1800 square meters. Here you will find a theatre, two rehearsal rooms for artistic research and creative workshops, ateliers, shared offices and informal homelike café Living Room furnished with the help of Alta's friends.

Studio Alta became the venue for community activities of all generations and a lot of festivals, exhibitions, performances, workshops, discussions, concerts and markets take place here. Over a drink in the Living Room, you can meet artists, NGO´s workers, students, mums, old and new acquaintances and that is what makes this space so appealing and worth a visit!

Specially suitable for
Families with young kids (0-10), At night

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