Solar Berlin

Solar Berlin

Ночная жизнь , Бары/ Салоны

4.6 (13)

Directly at the Anhalter Bahnhof Train Station in the heart of Berlin is the Solar Bar located. An elevator leads guests into the 16. floor. From here you have a unique 270° panoramic view of Berlin.

While in the 16. floor the noble restaurant is located you find one floor above the bar with comfortable seating options. In the middle is a DJ console with built-in elevator, which move between the two floors.

The bar is open daily from 18:00. Main dishes in the restaurant start from 16.50€ and with a clothing style à la casual you're definitely on the right side.

Особенно пригодно для
Ночью, Достопримечательности с видом, Когда идет дождь

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