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Curfew is a coctail bar owned by the Portuguese international Bartender Humberto Marques, who is also the man behind the bar. He is known for his creative mind and technical skills and once you will taste his coctails you will know what I mean.

Curfew can host up to 70 guests, who will enjoy the table service on a top level. The decor here is well thought over with the attention to detail with unique details such as handcrafted blue tiles from Portugal, barstools by American designer Arthur Umanoff and wooden tables. The vibe of the place is 1920s - 30s. Trust me, at this coctail bar, one of the best, or maybe the best coctails in town are being shaken.

Curfew is never too noisy, never overpacked and you will simply love it here. It’s the place to go for a pre dinner drink or to spend the whole night out, not going anywhere elese.

You will find this bar just off Vesterbrogade, very close to central Copenhagen. It is possible to book a table via Curfew's website.

Closed on Sundays and Mondays.

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Try Eucalyptus Martini! It's amazing!

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