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Lidkoeb is a coctail bar located in old apothecary building. It is hiding away from crowds of tourists and what you can expect at Lidkoeb is good music, open fire and delicious coctails. Here, staff is so knowledgable, that they will easily recommend something that goes well with your taste.

It’s perfect coctail bar to stop by after work, start your night out in the city or even stay here for the whole night. If you find yourself at this coctail bar during the weekend, there might be a DJ playing on the 2nd floor.

Coctails at Lidkoeb are creative, prepared by experienced coctails artists.

This place has a main bar on the ground floor, another bar on the first floor and the whiskey bar on the second floor - connaiseurs cave, where you will be able to sit comfortably in your seat being guided through wide selection of whiskeys available at Lidkoeb.

If you are not into coctails or whisky, Lidkoeb will offer you good beer and wine as well. There is also a small selection of snacks available.

Lidkoeb is open daily from late afternoon hours until 2 am.

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