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In 2015, VEGA has been named as the best concert arena in Europe by the international music magazine Live. It has three separate concert halls and presents a broad program of music, covering many different styles.

At street level of Vega, you will find Ideal Bar that functions as a nightclub, during the weekends. It is perfect place for a night out in Copenhagen. Several times a month, Ideal Bar becomes a host to various concerts. Check VEGA website for full program of the upcoming concerts and book your tickets.

High quality sound system that VEGA is proud of will guarantee a perfect music experience. This place is known all over the Europe and stars like: Prince, David Bowie, Kylie Minogue, Norah Jones, Björk, Moby, Foo Fighters and many others performed on VEGA’s stages.

VEGA is located in the Vesterbro area of Copenhagen and by using public transport from the Central Station, you can be there in 10 min.

Venues of VEGA:
- Store Vega (capacity 1550 guests)
- Lille Vega (capacity 500 quests)
- Ideal Bar (capacity 250 quests)
- VEGA Lounge and bar (capacity 330 guests)

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