City Manager Гамбург

City Manager Гамбург

Britta von Rohden

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1. With around 2,500 bridges, Hamburg is the city with the most bridges in Europe and has even more bridges than Venice and Amsterdam combined.

2. The Fish Market held every Sunday is a unique experience and a "must-see" for every trip to Hamburg: In addition to fresh fish, you can also buy fruit, vegetables, sweet delicacies, and souvenirs here. In the Fischauktionshalle you can dance to live music.

3. Hamburg's Reeperbahn is known as the "most sinful mile" in the world. This is where you'll find the Davidwache, which is not only one of the most famous police stations in the world, but the one with the smallest territory in the whole of Europe - a mere 0.92 km2 and about 14,000 inhabitants.

The fastest option: by taxi. The journey takes about 15 minutes. Cost: about €20.

Cheapest option: With the S-Bahn line S1 to Hamburg Hauptbahnhof. The journey takes about 25 minutes. Cost of single trip: €3.20. Think about taking a day card when you are planning to do more than two rides (see "How to use public transport").

Police: 110
Ambulance: 112
Taxi: +49 40 221 221 (Hansa Taxi)

To explore the whole of Hamburg conveniently and easily, I recommend a day ticket from the Hamburg Transport Association (HVV). Cost of a day ticket: €7.80, after 09:00 am the day ticket costs €6.40. It's worth getting a day ticket for just two trips or more. For groups of up to 5 people, there are group tickets. Especially good value: the 9 o'clock group ticket (€ 12.00). This ticket is worth it even for just two people. On public holidays and weekends, the 9 o'clock-day tickets are valid even before 9 o'clock. The HVV ticket can be used not only on buses and U-/S-Bahn trains, but is also valid for HADAG ferries.

- Food specialties of the city: Fischbrötchen (bread roll with different types of fish, served hot or cold), Labskaus (a mash of cured beef, pickled beetroot, onions, and potatoes, usually served with a fried egg, pickled gherkin, and matie), Franzbrötchen (typical Hamburg yeast pastries with sugar and cinnamon),
- Drink specialties of the city: Astra beer, shandy (beer and lemonade), Mexikaner (vodka with tomato juice and Tabasco)
- Typical mealtimes: lunch 12-14:00; dinner 18-21:00
- Tipping: about 10%
- Is the tap water safe to drink? Yes

- A cup of coffee at a restaurant: €2-3.00
- A lunch menu at a restaurant: €8-15
- A ride in a taxi (cost/km): base price for each trip = €3.20, price per ilometer 1st – 4th kilometres = €2.35, price per ilometer 5th – 9th ilometer = €2.10, price per ilometer from the 10th ilometer = €1.45

Where to go out:
-St.Pauli with many smaller bars and clubs and the Reeperbahn is probably Hamburg's most famous nightlife district. There is where you'll find numerous bars and clubs such as the Baalsaal and barbarabar, which are listed as highlights by MyCityHighlight.
- Schanzenviertel: Often, the evening starts in one of the bars in the somewhat quieter Schanzenviertel area, which is home to the Goldfischglas, Bar Rossi, Vier Fäuste, and many more. Nearby there is also Übel und Gefährlich, a popular club in a bunker.
But also in Ottensen, Winterhude and the Grindel there are some nice small bars where you can enjoy a drink and have a chat.

Opening times:
From 20:00, but the Hamburg locals hardly ever go out before midnight, especially to the Reeperbahn.

Shopping areas:
- City centre (around Mönckebergstraße) Here you find the big international chains like H&M, Zara and so on, but also some smaller individual shops are starting to pop up in this area. On rainy days the Levantehaus, the Europapassage or the Hanse-Viertel could be a good alternative for indoor shopping.
- Karolinenviertel (Marktstraße): in the hip Karolinienviertel, you'll find many smaller shops (such as the Petit Garage), second-hand shops, and lovely shops to browse (such as Lockengelöt or Familie von Quast, Hanseplatte)
- Schanzenviertel: Schanzenviertel is home to numerous small boutiques and little, individual shops, including the Vintage Store PICKnWEIGHT, and Kauf dich Glücklich

Opening times:
usually from Mon.-Sat. (10 - 20:00), closed on Sunday.

ALDI, LIDL, REWE, Netto, Penny

- All glass bottles are prohibited on the Reeperbahn
- Alcohol is not permitted on public transport
- People often say the Hamburg locals are very cold...Approach people openly and let them convince you otherwise.

Hello/Good day/Good evening: Moin or Moin Moin
Thank you: Danke
You're welcome: Bitte
Reeperbahn: Kiez
Goodbye: In Hamburg they say Tschüß

Most of the bike shops and many hotels have bikes for rent. They charge around 14,- for one day or 9,- for four hours. Also there are some professional bike rentals in the same price level. A good and cheap alternative would be the StadtRAD Hamburg, the public bike rental system. You have to register and pay 5,- once, this money will then be offset against the rental costs. This will most likely not be necessary as the first 30 minutes are always free off charge and you don´t really need the bike longer than half an hour to drive from one highligt to the next. But if so, costs will be 8 cents per minute and the maximum for one day is 12,-. There are several rental stations all over the city, the StadtRAD Hamburg App shows you where they are located. If you don´t feel like downloading the app you can always just ask someone on the street where the closest station is - almost everyone in Hamburg uses the StadtRAD, so I am sure you will be helped!
Very popular and available 24/7 are the Donkey Republic bikes, you can rent them out with the use of an app, their prices are very attractive. What is more important, with voucher code: MYCITYHAM, you will get 10% discount on your bike rental. This might be one of the best offers you can get in Hamburg!

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