Bairro Alto

Bairro Alto

Ночная жизнь , Бары/ Салоны

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Bairro Alto, this old neighborhood is one of the pearls and one of the most emblematic symbols for the local residents, specially during the night. In fact, Bairro Alto completely changes from day to night: the empty and typical streets get crowded and animated during the night; The hundreds of pubs start playing music and people from all over the world get to join. The bars are so many and so small that everybody has to come outside to enjoy their drinks, making it look like a street party. Bairro Alto is a traditional and avant-guarde place, a combination that you can’t miss when visiting Lisbon.

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City Manager Lisbon

05.08.2017 - 13:56:58

Of course you can visit this place during day time, but during night time it is a completely different place! Soon enough you'll understand that each corner and each street attracts many distinct groups of people. If you don't know which bar to choose, Live Music is always a good option.

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