City Manager Stockholm

City Manager Stockholm

Lina Muchardt Smith

Good To Know

1. The city of Stockholm is often referred to as the “Venice of the North” because of it’s very scenic atmosphere. The city is completely built on 14 islands, connected with 57 bridges, meaning that the water is never far away. Stockholm is sometimes also called the “Capital of the Scandinavia”, although it is a self-proclaimed title, it is not completely without ground. Stockholm is located right in the middle, the heart of Scandinavia and is one of the most flourishing economies in Europe whilst also being a city of great historical importance.

2. Have you even visited Sweden if you have not had a fika? A fika is a very typical Swedish tradition, which basically means having coffee and cake or sandwich. A staple at any fika is the “kanelbulle”, cinnamon bun. Fika is available in any café or restaurant, and sometimes even in shops. What matters is not what you eat or drink during a fika, but that it is a chance to catch up and talk with friends.

3. Throughout Sweden, there is a law called “Allemansrätten”, meaning ”every mans right”. As long as one does not destroy anything in nature, one may camp, swim, hike etc anywhere in the country. However, since Stockholm is an urban city, I would recommend going to the suburbs outside of Stockholm for an outdoors or camping experience in the genuine Swedish forests. Alternatively, take a boat or ferry out into the archipelago and enjoy one of the many beautiful islands.

Fastest way: The fastest way is to take the Arlanda Express train, taking only 20 minutes to the central station. It costs about 150-300kr, depending on your age and how far in advance you book.

Cheapest way: The cheapest way is to go by public transport (commuter train), which takes about 40mins to the central station and costs 150kr for adults and 43kr for children (under 18 years old).

Police: 11414.

Ambulance: 112.

Taxi: 08-15 00 00 (Taxistockholm), 08-57151557 (Taxi08), 020-20 20 20 (Taxi020).

Stockholm is easily and enjoyably mostly walkable. However, sometimes public transport is nice after a long day or if you do not have a lot of time. One can buy a single ticket in the SL app, at most stations or at convenient stores, which costs 43kr and can be used for unlimited travels within 1.5h. It is also possible to get 24h (120kr), 72h (240kr) and 7 day passes (315kr). Another possibility is to get a 3-day unlimited city-bike pass (165kr), where you can pick up and return bikes from all over the city 24/7.

Specialties of the town to eat: Meatballs with mashed potatoes, cream sauce and lingonberry jam, lobster with seasonal Swedish potatoes, smörgåsbord/ julbord, Falukorv (typical Swedish sliced sausage) with macaroni cooked in milk as well as a tray/ platter with a selection of very typical Swedish food such as; pickled herring, crisp bread, smoked salmon and a selection of cheeses.

Specialties of the town to drink: Snaps, Glögg (Mulled wine), Äppelmust (typical Swedish apple juice) and beers or ales from local breweries.

Tipping: Service charges are most of the time included in the prize, hence, tipping is not mandatory in Stockholm.

Is the tap water safe to drink from the tap: Yes, Stockholm actually has some of the cleanest water in the world.

A cup of coffee in the restaurant: 35kr
A lunch menu in the restaurant: 80-200kr
A ride in a taxi: start fare around 45kr

Where to go out: The widest range of bars and clubs can be found on and around Stureplan, this is one of the most popular and trendiest places to go for a night out. However, for some variation, a very good option can be the more secluded clubs and bars around Södermalm. These clubs and bars tend to have more of a theme and be slightly cheaper.

Shopping areas: The biggest shopping areas in Stockholm are Drottninggatan, Mall of Scandinavia and Götgatan/ Medborgarplatsen.

Opening hours: Opening hours can vary a little between the different areas but most stores will be open from about 10:00-18:00/19:00 on weekdays and 11:00-17.00 on weekends.

Ica, Coop, Hemköp, Willys, Lidl, City Gross.

In Sweden, you can only buy alcohol in the state run monopoly, Systembolaget. There you must be at least 20 years old to purchase anything. However, to be served alcohol in a licensed facility you are only required to be 18 years old.

Hello: Hej.
Thank you: Tack.
You are welcome: Varsågod.
Goodbye: Hejdå.

Free wifi is available in most cafés, bars, restaurants and malls. There is also a Stockholm city wifi network for guests, which you can use at the biggest sights and museums, which is run by the state. Additionally, using the "With free wireless" filter, you can easily find highlights that offer free wireless.

There are many nice places to enjoy a good brunch in Stockholm. Some of these include Hotel at Six, Sthlm brunch club and greasy spoon café.

My souvenir recommendations

Dala Horse

Dala Horse

The Dala horse has become an extremely typical symbol for Sweden, getting it’s name from the area of “Dalarna” in Sweden. Since it does not really get more Swedish than a Dala horse, I believe it to be a staple after any holiday in Sweden. Whether you get a handmade and hand-painted one, make one yourself at a workshop or buy one at the airport, it will be a reminder of a great holiday in Sweden.

Västerlånggatan 17, 111 29 Stockholm

Stortorget 14, 111 29 Stockholm



Liquorice is definitely an acquired taste, but it is very Swedish and hence, it should probably be in your luggage when you go back home. You can buy some standard commercial liquorice in any convenience store/ supermarket or you can buy some more luxurious handmade liquorice in a more exclusive candy shop or a special liquorice store.

Sveavägen 107, 113 50 Stockholm

Hornsgatan 45, 118 49, Stockholm

ICA Supermarket Medborgarplatsen ICA Supermarket Medborgarplatsen , Folkungagatan 56, 116 22 Stockholm, Sweden

Swedish Design Porcelain/Glass

Swedish Design Porcelain/Glass

Throughout the ages, Sweden has manufactured a lot of glass and today, many of Europes leading brands of porcelain/ glass are Swedish. Because Swedish porcelain is so typical, I believe bringing home some designer porcelain is wonderful after a trip to Stockholm.

Kungsgatan 1, 11143 Stockholm

Orrefors Store Orrefors Store , Tyra Lundgrens väg 19, 134 40 Gustavsberg, Sweden

City Managers favorite places


Café String

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Humana Second Hand Store

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Herman’s Vegetarian Garden Restaurant


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Slakthuset Nightclub


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Squares, Parks and Playgrounds

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Fotografiska Museum and Gallery


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Top 10 for first-time visitors


Monteliusvägen Viewpoint

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Stockholm Food Tour

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Stockholm City Hall


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The Royal Swedish Opera


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The Vasa Museum


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