Burg Kino

Burg Kino

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The Burgkino combines a pleasant vintage atmosphere with modern Hollywood blockbusters, which are broadcast in two well-preserved cinema auditoriums exclusively in the original language. In addition to the furniture, cinema auditoriums and atmosphere of the olden days, also the prices were remained low. One tickets costs about 7 €.

The Burgkino is also known for the lasting appeal of the movie "The 3rd Man". The black-and-white thriller filmed with Orson Welles as the main character was shot in 1949 and presents Vienna in the post-war period. Above all, the final chase through the Vienna sewage system contributed to the fame of the film.

Specially suitable for
When it rains, At night, Families with teenage kids

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City Manager Wien

24.11.2016 - 09:25:48

Der Dritte Mann ist ein britischer Thriller der in Wien im Jahr 1949 gedreht wurde. Tauche ein in die Nachkriegszeit und entdecke Wien von einer anderen Seite.

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